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Body Mass Index BMI

The Body Mass Index is calculated by putting your body’s height and your weight into relation and is commonly accepted as a better method in comparison to the formulae which were used previously:
  • The Normal Weight Formula: Body height minus 100
  • The Ideal Weight Formula: Normal weight multiplied by 0.9 for male adults, times 0.9 once more for femal adults

The Body Mass Index is calculated by dividing the body weight in kilograms by the body height squared in meters.

According to the WHO, the result is categorised into these sections:

Body Mass Index Category
< 17 Too slim
17–20 Underweight
20–25 You are in brilliant shape
25–30 Minor obesity
30–35 Unhealthy obesity
35–40 Extremly unhealthy obesity
> 40 You are way too short!


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